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Handy tools providing beautiful fonts that work on any app.

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Minimum design that packs many functionalities into one space, providing so much for so litte effort.

Beautiful Design

A colorful font keyboard with many themes in different colors and backgrounds such as Neon, Pastel, Cute, ...

Quality Results

Number #1 font keyboard in many countries with millions installs.

Portfolio - Apps that were created and are being maintained by Pro App Company Limited

Cool Symbol - A cool symbol that helps get fancy symbols, emoji and a cool text generator that help you create cool fonts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. You can convert normal text to fancy text style, get text decorator, get big text generator, get facebook emoticons, and more... In this project, we use artwork from EmojiOne. We also provide versions in fancy text ios app and fancy text android app.
Character Count Tool - A free character counter tool online that instantly provides character count statistics for a given text. You can also easily get the word count as well. Check out also at Google Play store.
CSS Generator - A free tool that helps quickly generate useful CSS declarations, such as Box Shadow Generator, Text Shadow Generator, ...
Syllable Counter - A free syllable counter that provides the number of syllables in a given text
Case Changer (Beta) - A tool to convert case of text between & from lower case, upper case, sentence case, title case, alternating case, toggle case...
Funny Jokes (Beta) - Top funny jokes to cheer up your day.
Emoji Keyboard - A free Emoji keyboard lets you input emojis and emoticons right on the web browsers of your computer. It comes with an Emoji Keyboard Chrome extension and Firefox extension.
Guess Emoji Quiz Game - Test your emoji knowledge and your logical skills. Let's have some fun!
Emoji Connect Game - Match 2 same emojis in a path with less than or equal 3 turns. Test your emoji regcognition and have fun.
Emoji Bubble Shooter - A classic game that requires users to create a bubble of same color balls to destroy them from the board.
Cool Fonts - A collection of cool fancy fonts online. This site has been reviewed by our partners.
Brain Quiz Game - Work out your mind
Audio Voice Recorder Online - A tool that allows you to record audio right on web browsers.
QR Code Generator - Create QR codes easily & fast
Auto Paste Keyboard - A fun auto paste keyboard that helps quickly type messages.
Penlo - Share Location - See locations of your family members & your friends